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06.03.2022 Firm News

Bishop Quoted in Richmondmag Article on Being Sworn in as JCC President

Greg Bishop was quoted in a Richmondmag article in regards to being sworn in as president of the JCC (Carole and Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center).

Greg was sworn in as the center’s first non-Jewish president. He first became involved with the center in the early 2000s, when his wife, Jodi, who is Jewish, was looking for a place to celebrate the Passover Seder, and his involvement grew from there.

“I would come to events here and get a little dose of the JCC, and each of those doses built up, and I’m like, ‘I like this place,’” Bishop says. “[I experienced] how welcoming it is, and I thought, ‘Wow, this is a great platform to do great work, period.’”

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