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02.17.2017 Firm News

Bob Dewar Discusses Why Scottish Businesses Should Trade with U.S. at French Duncan Event in Glasgow

On Feb. 15, Bob Dewar discussed why Scottish businesses should continue to trade with the United States at an event hosted by French Duncan, a Scottish accounting firm with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hamilton, Dumbarton and Stirling.

"First and foremost, the US economy is growing and businesses should be assured that both US consumers and businesses have money to spend on foreign goods and services," Dewar said according to a press release from French Duncan. "While some of the headlines about Trump may be negative to say the least, business activity is gaining momentum and growth is expected to continue.  And, with a population of 350 million, the US represents a significant market that will not be turning away any company proposing to bring additional economic activity."

To read more of his comments, click here for the full release.