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05.06.2015 Firm News

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert J. Higdon Jr. Joins White Collar & Investigations Team at Williams Mullen

Williams Mullen is pleased to announce that former federal prosecutor Robert J “Bobby”. Higdon Jr. has joined the firm.  He is a Partner in the firm’s White Collar and Investigations team, which includes Partner John S. Davis, former AUSA of the EDVA, and Partner Chuck James, former Deputy AG in Virginia.

Mr. Higdon spent nearly 24 years as a federal prosecutor, including serving as an Assistant United States Attorney in both the Western and Eastern Districts of North Carolina.  He has supervised and prosecuted a wide range of criminal cases, including white collar and public corruption matters, mail and wire fraud, bribery, false statements, Foreign Corrupt Practices, violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act, violations of import/export regulations, money laundering, theft of government property and violations involving government contracting and programs.  Mr. Higdon has been involved in a number of high-profile cases, including the investigation and resolution of violations by a private security firm, a criminal investigation that returned North Carolina's Original Copy of the Bill of Rights to the State more than 130 years after it was stolen by Federal Troops, the prosecution of numerous public officials in North Carolina and in other states and was co-lead counsel in the prosecution of former United States Senator and former Presidential candidate John Edwards.

“The intersection of government and business is only growing, especially in heavily regulated industries” Mr. Higdon said.  “I can help people and companies navigate their way through the choppy waters of investigations, particularly in the grand jury process.”

At Williams Mullen, Mr. Higdon will represent corporate and individual clients whose work brings them in contact with government agencies at all levels and who receive a request or subpoena seeking documents and information, whose activities fall within the scope of governmental investigations and who are the targets of those investigations.  His long participation in and supervision of these investigations as a prosecutor gives him insight into the work of investigators and positions him to help clients avoid charges or to defend against criminal charges.  He can also assist clients in developing internal programs and controls to comply with government regulations, to avoid investigations, and to position clients to successfully defend against potential charges.

“Companies are becoming more concerned about government regulation of their businesses, and are relying more and more on knowledgeable counsel to prevent and, if necessary, guide them through an investigation,” said David F. Paulson, Carolinas Managing Partner for Williams Mullen.  “Bobby’s background as a prosecutor gives him an important perspective on these matters and can help businesses avoid criminal exposure.  We’re pleased to have him at our firm.”

Mr. Higdon is a 1985 graduate of Wake Forest University, where he earned a B.A. in Politics/Political Science, and a 1989 graduate of the Wake Forest University School of Law.