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01.04.2019 Firm News

M.R. Litman and Dan Durst Write Q&A Guide to Revocable Trusts in Virginia

M.R. Litman and Dan Durst have written a Q&A guide to laws governing revocable trusts in Virginia for Practical Law's Trusts & Estates section.

The guide answers 28 questions and addresses state laws and customs that impact revocable trusts, including the key statutes and rules related to revocable trusts, the requirements for creating a valid revocable trust agreement,common revocable trust provisions, information concerning trustees, information on making changes to revocable trust agreements after execution, and Virginia’s treatment of certain special circumstances for gifts made under a revocable trust agreement and gift recipients.

To read the article, click below.

Practical Law - Revocable Trusts: Virginia