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04.11.2018 Firm News

Rick Matthews Discusses Recent Trademark Infringement Victory with Law360

On April 9, 2018, a Pennsylvania judge in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania granted a win to Williams Mullen clients Turn and Bank Holdings, LLC and Precision Airmotive, LLC in a trademark infringement and unfair competition dispute over the use of registered “RSA” trademark model designations used on general aviation fuel injection servos. Rick Matthews, who led a Williams Mullen team with Rob Van Arnam and Drew Shores that represented Turn and Bank and Precision in the case, discussed the outcome with Law360.

"Lycoming and AVStar can no longer intentionally trade off and unfairly benefit from the decades of name recognition and goodwill that is associated with Precision's 'RSA' trademarks," Matthews said. "That is not only important to protect Precision's rights, and those of Turn and Bank Holdings who licenses those marks to Precision, but for the proper purchase and maintenance of these critical aircraft parts and the protection of the flying public."

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Aircraft Parts Co. Gets Win In Trademark Suit