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01.25.2022 Firm News

The Upsides to Downsizing: Moving to a Smaller Firm

Greg Bishop was featured in a Chambers Associate article on “The upsides to downsizing: moving to a smaller firm.”

Joined by Alyson Galusha and Leeron Molloy of VOYlegal, Greg commented on how his career has been affected by choosing Williams Mullen. He shared that he was drawn to the “entrepreneurial spirit” of the firm. 

He pointed to the fact that “smaller firms that are growing – typically they have a younger leadership group and a succession plan. And because they are hungry to grow the firm, they’re thinking about the need to keep people here and happy, and to build for the next generation. If you’re at a smaller firm with an entrepreneurial bent, you see investment in strong training and development programs, as well as marketing and client development.” 

To read the full article, click here.