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06.22.2023 Legal News

2023 Virginia Primary Election Report

Updated 6.28.2023

Virginia held primary elections on June 20, 2023, for various seats in the Senate and House of Delegates. All 140 members of the Virginia General Assembly will be re-elected or elected in November 2023. Tuesday’s primaries were the first election following non-partisan redistricting. Incumbents facing primary opponents were running in mostly to partly new districts.

In total, five incumbent Senators and one incumbent Delegate lost their primary race. Two races, one Senate race in Prince William County and one House race in Virginia Beach, were too close to call on election night but have since been resolved, with the incumbents winning each election. Another Prince William County/Stafford County race has tightened to two vote margin and is headed for a recount.

The primary results coupled with the retirement of many long-standing members of the General Assembly will result in a total loss of 40 incumbent legislators for 635 years of experience, including 16 incumbent Senators for 380 years of combined experience and 24 Delegates for 255 years of experience. There will be many new faces in the Virginia General Assembly in January 2024. Nearly 50% of Senators will be new to the body when the 2024 legislative session begins. Eighteen of the 40 incumbent Senators either retired or lost their primaries.

Click here for a summary of the Senate and House of Delegates primary results. 

2023 Virginia Primary Election Report