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06.24.2016 Publication

Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) Financing Comes To Virginia

By: William L. Nusbaum & Abigail C. Johnson

This article titled "Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) Financing Comes To Virginia" appeared in THE FEE SIMPLE

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Copyright © 2016. The Fee Simple, William L. Nusbaum and Abigail C. Johnson.  All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. This material is taken from volume XXXVII, No. 1 of The Fee Simple, p.49 (Spring 2016). The Fee Simple is published by the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar and is available for purchase from the Virginia State Bar, 1111 East Main Street, Suite 700, Richmond, Virginia 23219-0026, (804) 775-0500,