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03.11.2024 Gavels & Gowns: An Education Law Podcast

Title IX Regulations – Changes on the Horizon

In this episode of Gavels & Gowns, an Education Law podcast, co-hosts Hal Johnson and Micah Schwartz welcome the newest addition to the Education Industry Group, Stephanie Karn, as a guest speaker who provides guidance on what to expect with upcoming changes to Title IX regulations. 

Practitioners working in elementary, secondary and post-secondary institutions should be prepared to learn and understand what anticipated impacts of expanded regulations may have on their institution’s Title IX policies and procedures in order to stay in compliance. Join us as we review some of the expected revisions to Title IX regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Move quickly to make sure your Title IX policies and procedures are revised to comply with the new regulations so that you will have time to train all students and all employees.
  • Make sure that all of your institution’s essential players read through your revised policy and not just the sections that apply to them. 
  • Line up legal counsel to assist in either drafting your revised policies and procedures or the final review. 
  • Be aware that there is an increased emphasis on protections for pregnancy and related conditions, lactation and parental status. While Title IX already covers discrimination against pregnancy and parenting students, the new regulations are designed to clarify and highlight those prohibitions.