Williams Mullen’s Benefits Companion provides employers with critical information regarding their benefits plans. From ESOPs to pension plans, from health plans to stock-based compensation, severance agreements and more, our attorneys and guests provide listeners with tips, tricks and key takeaways to consider within the world of employee benefits. 

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Episode 59: Plan Administrators’ 2022 Year-End Checklist 12.2.22

Episode 58: Multiemployer Plans 10.20.22

Episode 57: Court Decisions Impacting Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries 10.6.22

Episode 56: Helping Employers Address the Gender Gap in Retirement Savings 8.16.22

Episode 55: Millennials, Boomers and Retirement Planning 7.7.22

Episode 54: New Lifetime Income Illustrations Required Soon 6.13.22

Episode 53: Health Plan Transparency Requirements 6.2.22

Episode 52: Employment Edition: Flexible and Remote Working Arrangements 5.12.22

Episode 51: Cryptocurrency in 401(k) Plans 4.14.22

Episode 50: What Constitutes Plan Assets Under ERISA? 3.31.22

Episode 49: “The Great Resignation” - Structuring Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent 3.17.22

Episode 48: Group Health Plan Service Provider Compensation Disclosure Requirements 2.17.22

Episode 47: 2023 Benefits Forecast with Mercer 12.16.21

Episode 46: New Prescription Drug and Health Coverage Reporting Requirements 12.2.21

Episode 45: OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination Regulations 11.18.21
Episode Note: This podcast was recorded on 11.12.2021. OSHA has since announced that it has “suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.” Employers may still want to proceed with their compliance planning, while also monitoring breaking news on the subject.

Episode 44: Time to Tidy-Up Plan Documents 10.21.2021

Episode 43: Can Employers Impose a Health Insurance Surcharge on Plan Participants Not Vaccinated for COVID-19? 9.9.2021

Episode 42: Are Brokerage Windows Right for Your Retirement Plan? 9.2.2021

Episode 41: Cautionary Tales for Preapproved Plan Documents 8.19.2021

Episode 40: Missing Plan Participants 7.8.2021

Episode 39: Best Practices for Reducing ERISA Litigation Risk 6.24.2021

Episode 38: Cyber Security Guidance for Benefit Plan Sponsors and Participants 6.10.2021

Episode 37: Back to the Future: SECURE Act and SECURE Act 2.0 5.24.2021

Episode 36: Employee Retention Tax Credit Expansion 4.29.2021

Episode 35: COBRA Notice Litigation 4.15.2021

Episode 34: Biden Administration Quick Take – Three Employment Law Initiatives We’re Monitoring 4.1.2021

Episode 33: DOL’s Guidance on Continued COVID-19 Timeframe Relief 3.11.2021

Episode 32: Payroll Integration for Plan Sponsors 2.11.2021

Episode 31: Employee Misclassification: Exploring the DOL New Final Rule and Its Impact on Employers 1.27.2021

Episode 30: New Round of COVID-19 Relief Expands Assistance for Employers 1.13.2021

Episode 29: Plan Administrators’ 2020 Year-End Checklist 12.2.2020

Episode 28: Cybersecurity Considerations for Retirement Plan Sponsors 10.12.2020

Episode 27: New Virginia Laws Impacting Worker Classification 9.3.2020

Episode 26: COVID-19 Edition - Employee Benefits Considerations When Conducting Furloughs and Layoffs 8.11.2020

Episode 25: DOL Proposed Changes for Socially Responsible Investment Options 7.29.2020

Episode 24: COVID-19 Edition - Deadline Extensions Impacting HIPAA, COBRA and ERISA 7.6.2020

Episode 23: Supreme Court Decision Protecting LGBTQ Workers 6.23.2020

Episode 22: DOL Updates ERISA Electronic Disclosure Guidelines 6.12.2020

Episode 21: COVID-19 Edition - New Opportunities for Health Flexible Spending Arrangements and Cafeteria Plans 5.29.2020

Episode 20: COVID-19 Edition - Employee Benefit Plans 5.5.2020

Episode 19: COVID-19 Edition - Practical Guidance on Leave Relief for Employers 4.14.2020

Episode 18: SECURE Act Implications for 401k Plans 2.27.2020

Episode 17: Government Investigative Demands 12.13.2019

Episode 16: Plan Administrators’ 2019 Year-End Checklist 12.2.2019

Episode 15: Student Loan Benefits 11.20.2019

Episode 14: New Hardship Distribution Regulations for 401(k) Plans 11.4.2019

Episode 13: Captive Insurance Arrangements 10.22.2019

Episode 12: Employee Benefits in Mergers and Acquisitions 10.2.2019

Episode 11: Health Reimbursement Arrangement Update 9.18.2019

Episode 10: Importance of Investment Policy Statements 9.4.2019

Episode 9: New Rules for Top Hat Plan Filings 8.15.2019

Episode 8: Best Practices for Retirement Plan Committees 7.8.2019

Episode 7: Recruiting and Retention - Can Your 401K Make a Difference? 6.19.2019

Episode 6: House Passes Retirement Reform Legislation 6.5.2019

Episode 5: Correcting Health Savings Account Contribution Errors 5.20.2019

Episode 4: ERISA Plan Status of Voluntary Benefits 5.9.2019

Episode 3: Health Reimbursement Arrangements 4.25.2019

Episode 2: Wellness Program Compliance Update 4.8.2019

Episode 1: Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit 3.13.2019

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