Williams Mullen’s Benefits Companion provides employers with critical information regarding their benefits plans. From ESOPs to pension plans, from health plans to stock-based compensation, severance agreements and more, our attorneys and guests provide listeners with tips, tricks and key takeaways to consider within the world of employee benefits. 

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Episode 10: Importance of Investment Policy Statements

Episode 9: New Rules for Top Hat Plan Filings

Episode 8: Best Practices for Retirement Plan Committees

Episode 7: Recruiting and Retention - Can Your 401K Make a Difference?

Episode 6: House Passes Retirement Reform Legislation

Episode 5: Correcting Health Savings Account Contribution Errors

Episode 4: ERISA Plan Status of Voluntary Benefits

Episode 3: Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Episode 2: Wellness Program Compliance Update

Episode 1: Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit

Note: This podcast contains general, condensed summaries of actual legal matters, statutes and opinions for information purposes. It is not meant to be and should not be construed as legal advice. Individuals with particular needs on specific issues should retain the services of competent counsel.