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Senior Housing HUD Transactions

Samuel M. Kroll

We help our clients navigate, comply with and leverage the HUD lending program so they can further their business interests by acquiring and selling facilities, refinancing at optimal rates, making improvements to their existing properties and undertaking new construction projects.

In the last five years alone, we have advised borrowers, lenders, master tenants and operators in the senior housing industry on HUD-insured loans throughout the United States with an aggregate value in excess of $1 billion.

Key benefits of working with us include:

  • National capabilitiesRegardless of the location of the properties in your transaction, we can assist you, thereby reducing the need for you to engage multiple law firms.
  • Established track record in large, multi-property portfolio loans. We have the necessary legal, business and project management skills to simultaneously close multiple HUD loans for a single portfolio. We are particularly adept at closing HUD transactions that involve nuanced master lease structures and are skilled in navigating differences in loan documents and loan terms that arise when a HUD borrower and its operator are affiliated.
  • In-depth understanding of HUD requirements for accounts receivable credit facilitiesWe can help you navigate HUD requirements for your accounts receivable credit facility, including working with your lender to establish a separate AR line for your HUD-insured properties and negotiating intercreditor agreements, deposit account control agreements and deposit account instruction and service agreements.
  • Transfer of Physical Assets (TPA) know-how. Should you desire to modify the ownership interests, operator or management agent of a HUD-insured property, we can determine what approvals are required and help you work through the process efficiently.
  • Strategic approach to Previous Participation Certificates (HUD-2530). We structure ownership in deals to advance your business objectives and comply with HUD guidelines, and advise on the disclosure requirements prerequisite to filing an application with HUD.
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