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07.18.2019 Firm News

Bob Perrow and John Walker Discuss Virginia's Municipal Net Metering Pilot Program

In the June 2019 edition of Virginia Town & City, the official publication of the Virginia Municipal League, Bob Perrow and John Walker answered questions in a Q&A about Virginia's municipal net metering pilot program, which became available on July 1, 2019. 

"As used in the statute, 'net metering' refers to measuring the difference in a billing period between the electricity supplied by the public electric utility flowing through the municipality’s electric meter and the electricity generated by the municipality and delivered through the municipality’s meter to the public utility. The difference is 'netted' to determine the credit the municipality will receive for generating electricity. thus, the statute provides eligible local govern-ments a new opportunity to use self-generated electricity from renew-able energy sources and reduce the cost of electricity received from their public utility."

To read the Q&A, click here.