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12.05.2013 Firm News

Williams Mullen Economic Development Team Helps Bring $2.1 million and 125 Jobs to Smyth County, Virginia

The Williams Mullen Economic Development team helped to bring Liaoyang Ningfeng Woodenware Co., Ltd., a Chinese furniture manufacturer, to Smyth County. The company will be will investing $2.1 million to establish its first U.S. subsidiary, New Ridge, LLC, and build a manufacturing facility that will create 125 new jobs. The efforts were led by Jim Meath and Pat Gottschalk, with assistance from Jonathan Frank, Bill Benos, and Lynne Rhode. Virginia competed against Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia for the project.

Liaoyang Ningfeng Woodenware Co., Ltd. is a privately-held, family-owned, furniture company established in 1998 and headquartered in Liao Yang, China. The company has a number of operations in Russia and other locations in Northeast China and over 550 employees. Liaoyang is one of the global strategic suppliers to IKEA in Asia Pacific and manufactures solid wood bathroom furniture that is shipped to IKEA stores worldwide.

 A press release from Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is available here.