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10.06.2017 Firm News

Williams Mullen Helps Cary Street Partners Close $18.9 Million Financing

Press Release from Cary Street Partners

Richmond,  Virginia  – September  30,  2017  - Cary  Street  Partners  has  closed  an  $18.9  million   financing  to  support  its  continued  growth  in  the  rapidly  evolving  financial  services  industry. The transaction raised new equity capital while also refinancing select existing securities to lower its cost  of capital and increase long-term liquidity. In connection with the financing, the firm has rebranded its parent company as Luxon Financial LLC and will be operating its asset management and insurance operations under the Luxon brand while continuing to use the Cary Street Partners name for its core wealth management businesses.

Continue reading the press release - Cary Street Partners Closes Financing.

Williams Mullen attorneys John Paris, Anne Domozick, Mike Kelly, Vanessa Yearick and Amy Marino, among others, served as legal counsel to Cary Street Partners during the financing round.