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04.03.2024 Videos

Renewable Energy Webinar Series: 2024 Virginia Energy Legislative Update - Video Recording

Williams Mullen partner Brad Nowak, co-chair of Williams Mullen’s Renewable Energy practice group, is joined by Chris McDonald, director of Williams Mullen’s Government Relations practice group, to provide an overview of this year’s General Assembly session and discuss proposed and recently passed energy legislation.

This year’s Virginia General Assembly was a packed session with several important pieces of legislation under consideration to further Virginia’s energy transition.

Key topics discussed:

  1. General Overview of the 2024 General Assembly Session
  2. Shared Solar: SB 253 (Surovell), SB 255 (Surovell), HB 106 (Sullivan), HB 108 (Sullivan)
  3. Minimum Period of Validity for Permits: HB 650 (Coyner)
  4. DEQ Appeals: SB 580 (Deeds) and HB 122 (Sullivan)
  5. Mandatory Solar Disclosures: SB 313 (VanValkenburg)
  6. Net Metering and Rooftop Solar Leasing: SB 271 (Subramanyam) and HB 1062 (Willet)
  7. Ban The Solar Bans: SB 697 (VanValkenburg)
  8. Permitting Reform: SB 567 (Deeds) and HB 636 (Sullivan)
  9. Virginia Brownfield and Coal Mine Renewable Energy Grant Fund and Program: SB 25 (Hackworth) and HB 199 (Krizek)
  10. RGGI: Budget Item 366 #1c
  11. New State Corporation Commission (SCC) Commissioners

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