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06.06.2023 Videos

Renewable Energy Webinar Series: Site Control Issues and Real Estate Diligence for Renewable Energy Projects - Video Recording

Williams Mullen partners Brad Nowak and Bob Riley, co-chairs of the Renewable Energy Practice Group, and Real Estate partner, Alyssa Dangler discuss recent trends and issues when securing site control and conducting real estate due diligence for renewable energy projects.

Developing successful renewable energy projects begin with selecting the right project site. Securing site control using well drafted real estate contracts and conducting thorough real estate diligence can help identify potential development risks early on in the development process and help when selling a project.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Negotiating site control - options, leases, purchase contracts, and easements
  • Navigating real estate due diligence – what to look for and where
  • Common real estate title issues
  • Easements that support the project
  • Structuring option payments and rental amounts
  • Removal and restoration obligations at the end of term
  • Site control requirements under PJM’s New Rules