Williams Mullen Gavels & Gowns: an Education Law podcast focused on exploring topics that are important to leaders of institutions of primary, secondary and higher education.


Episode 2: Managing Controversial Books in School Libraries - 09.14.23

In this episode of Gavels & Gowns, an Education Law podcast, co-hosts Micah Schwartz and Hal Johnson discuss community requests to remove controversial books from local school libraries. 

Episode 1: What’s Next in VA Higher Education? An Interview Featuring Chris Peace, President of CICV - 07.27.23

On this inaugural episode of Gavels & Gowns, a Williams Mullen Education Law podcast, hosts Hal Johnson and Micah Schwartz welcome Chris Peace, president of the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia, Inc. (CICV). 

note: this podcast contains general, condensed summaries of actual legal matters, statutes and opinions for information purposes. it is not meant to be and should not be construed as legal advice. individuals with particular needs on specific issues should retain the services of competent counsel.