• 07.25.2019

    Newport News Opportunity Zones Information Seminar

    On July 25, 2019, Jenny Connors will present at an opportunity zones seminar hosted by the Newport News Economic Development Authority. The presentation will explain how opportunity zones work and discuss Newport News' opportunity zones.
  • 07.24.2019

    eDiscovery Lessons from the Mueller Report

    On July 24, 2019, Lauren Waller will co-present on eDiscovery lessons from the Mueller Report as part of Driven's Speaker Series. See below for a synopsis of the event.
  • 07.11.2019

    Wealth Transfer Planning with Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Interests

    Earlier this year, the IRS issued a second tranche of regulations on Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ). The new regulations also address the wealth transfer planning tax implications associated with gifts and transfers at death of QOZ Fund Interests. The new...
  • 07.09.2019

    StopFakes.Gov IP Roadshows: Intellectual Property Rights

    On July 9, Williams Mullen will host a intellectual property roadshow in our Richmond office. Then, on July 11, we will host a similar roadshow event in our Raleigh office. Speakers from the USPTO, Copyright Office, Commerce, Homeland Security...
  • 06.27.2019

    Employee Benefit Plan Compliance Update

    On June 27, 2019, Brydon DeWitt will deliver a presentation on employee benefit plan compliance at an Employee Benefits & Retirement Plan Symposium hosted by the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA). Brydon will discuss recent regulations and guidance...
  • 06.26.2019

    Auto Enrollment and Auto Escalation for State and Local Governments

    On June 26, 2019, Marc Purintun will present on auto enrollment and auto escalation for state and local governments at the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys' (NAPPA) Legal Education Conference in San Diego.
  • 06.25.2019

    Improving Mobility: Richmond’s Transportation Success

    On June 25, Pat Gottschalk, as chair of the board of ChamberRVA, spoke at an event sponsored by the Greater Washington Partnership, RVA Rapid Transit and ChamberRVA titled: “Improving Mobility: Richmond’s Transportation Success”.
  • 06.18.2019

    Webinar: Real Estate Considerations for M&A Transactions

    The second program in our new webinar series will outline the key real estate concerns within your M&A transaction. 
  • 06.06.2019

    Joint Ventures: Who, What, When, Why, and How

    On June 6, 2019, Bob Korroch and Shayn Fernandez delivered a presentation at the Virginia Ship Repair Association's Contracts Committee meeting titled "Joint Ventures: Who, What, When, Why, and How." The presentation was primarily focused on the Small...
  • 06.05.2019

    Regulatory Hot Topics – Data Processing Contracts, LIBOR Transition

    On June 5, 2019, Matt Cheek and Dirk Lasater will present on data processing contracts and their privacy implications and lead a discussion of the upcoming LIBOR transition at the Virginia Associationn of Community Banks's Spring Risk Management Seminar.
  • 05.29.2019

    Solar Power Southeast 2019

    On May 29-30, Williams Mullen energy attorneys Brad Nowak and Bob Riley will be in Atlanta for Solar Power Southeast, the premier solar event in the southeastern United States.
  • 05.16.2019

    Venturing Into the Land of OZ – An Opportunity Zone Conference

    On May 16, 2019, Jenny Connors will discuss opportunity zones at a Cherry Bekaert event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach. Jenny will be joined by Cherry Bekaert partners Wesley Hudson and Ron Wainwright, Jr., to discuss advanced aspects of...
  • 05.14.2019

    Fiduciary Income Tax Planning

    On May 14, 2019, Christine Piersall delivered a presentation on fiduciary income tax planning at the 47th Annual Estate Planning Seminar for Professionals hosted at the University of Richmond.
  • 05.10.2019

    Indoor Shooting Sports Ranges Short Course: OSHA and Hazardous Waste Compliance

    Agenda: 8:00 – 8:30 AM     Registration 8:30 – 12:00 PM   ProgramClick here for full agenda.Location: 5950 Fairview Rd., Ste. 110 Charlotte, NC 28210
  • 05.08.2019

    Joint Employment – The Hidden Liability

    On May 8, 2019,  Mike Lord and Edward Schenk presented a CAI webinar titled "Joint Employment – The Hidden Liability." The webinar discussed supplementing your workforce with staffing comnpanies and other-third party vendors as a joint employer and the...
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