M&A Webinar Series: Not an Afterthought, Important SALT Considerations for M&A Transactions Download Materials 09.27.2022 11:00am — 09.27.2022 11:15am

Video Summary

In this webinar, Williams Mullen partners Jon Bliley and Kyle Wingfield discuss State and Local Tax issues involving sales and use tax considerations that can impact M&A transaction, including successor liability and current sale/compliance issues.

Recorded: 9/27/2022

Have you ever been in the final throes of a deal and it fell through because of an unresolved state and local tax (SALT) issue? It happens more often than you might think.

Join the co-chair of our State and Local Tax practice, Kyle Wingfield, to identify the top three SALT issues that can impact M&A transactions.

Interviewed by Corporate partner, Jon Bliley, Kyle will touch on SALT issues relating to income taxes, sales and use taxes, and withholding taxes on remote workers.