M&A Webinar Series - A Rapidly Changing M&A Market: Current Trends and Deal Points Click Here to Download Materials Webinar 07.20.2021 11:00am — 07.20.2021 11:15am

Video Summary: In just one year, we’ve seen one of the fastest M&A cycles to date. Williams Mullen M&A Partners, David Lay, Aaron Spencer and Ned Turnbull discuss going from limited activity in late March 2020 to a buyer-friendly market by early summer before trending to seller-friendly by the fourth quarter.

In this video, they touch on what they believe are the drivers for this sequence as well as drivers of these trends including earnouts, representation & warranty insurance and indemnification. Moving forward they indicate that M&A activity, especially in the areas of IT/technology, health care, business to consumer, infrastructure and hospitality should continue to be strong.

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