M&A Webinar Series - Tax Trends in M&A Transactions Download Presentation Materials Webinar 02.15.2022 11:00am — 02.15.2022 11:15am

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Video Summary: In this episode of Williams Mullen’s M&A Webinar Series, Larry Parker and Anna Derewenda cover the tax trends our attorneys have been seeing on the sale-side of a transaction. These include workforce mobility (such as negotiating liability for remote workers and related withholdings); adjustments to the purchase price (when does liability for pre-closing taxes get paid and what options to businesses have for negotiating this); a new pass-through entity level tax in North Carolina and other states (states passing pass-through entity level tax as SALT deduction cap workaround); pandemic relief legislation (outstanding liabilities and credits); reps and warranties insurance (just because there is RWI, that does not mean it covers taxes); and pre-acquisition conversion (converting from an LLC to a C-Corp). Anna also provided her thoughts on what’s on the horizon – tax legislation, potential increases in interest rates and the expiration of SPACs.

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