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Sunny Days and Fair Winds for Renewable Energy in Virginia, presented by VBA

Sunday, Apr 14, 2024
10:33 AM EDT

Brad Nowak will speak on a panel for the Sunny Days and Fair Winds for Renewable Energy in Virginia program on March 19, 2021, a free MCLE program presented by the Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Law and Real Estate Sections of the VBA. 

The panelists include:

Will Cleveland, Southern Environmental Law Center
Michael G. "Mike" Dowd, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Bradley J. "Brad" Nowak, Williams Mullen  
D. Scott Foster, Gentry Locke Attorneys    

Virginia, like other states, relied heavily through the years on fossil fuels and nuclear to meet its energy needs. The Virginia Clean Economy Act effective July 2020 creates a new set of incentives that will change the energy production mix in Virginia to emphasize renewable sources. Solar energy is already expanding across the Commonwealth and an ambitious offshore wind energy project is taking shape this year. This CLE will educate attendees on the following topics:

> Regulations and permitting of solar and wind projects under Virginia and Federal Law;
> Land use and siting issues associated with solar and wind projects in Virginia; and,
> Considerations specific to the various regions in Virginia.