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05.03.2023 Firm News

Jim Burns Quoted in Health Payer Specialist Article

Jim Burns was quoted in a Health Payer Specialist article, "Antitrust Wars Heat Up" regarding the current state of antitrust enforcement in the healthcare industry in the United States.

In the article, Jim specifically addresses the increasing scrutiny the Federal Trade Commission has on healthcare antitrust enforcement under the Biden administration stating, “We are in a super-enforcement world now” and noting that “it’s very clear that the Biden administration has made healthcare antitrust enforcement a priority – it was in his executive order in 2021 and seen in the people he nominated to lead.”

Jim also commented on a Louisiana medical system acquisition case, involving potential impacts that state actions, such as a preliminary approval called a Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA), may have on the FTC’s deliberations. Jim stated, “The case in Louisiana is very significant because it will require the courts to consider whether the FTC has the authority to require merging parties that have obtained a COPA from a state to still go through the federal Hart-Scott-Rodino merger process.”

To read the full article, click here.