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07.14.2023 What to Do if Your Suppliers Are in Distress

What to Do if Your Suppliers Are in Distress: Identifying Suppliers in Distress

In our What to Do if Your Suppliers Are in Distress video series, we describe how to identify your critical suppliers that might be in jeopardy, provide suggestions on how you can help them, and share how you can protect your business’s interests at the same time.

In this inaugural episode, Identifying Suppliers in Distress, Jen McLemore discusses challenges that can translate into performance issues for suppliers as well as how to identify which suppliers could create risks for your business.

Click on the image below to tune into this 2.5-minute video to learn more.

Please note: This presentation contains general, condensed summaries of actual legal matters, statutes and opinions for information purposes. It is not meant to be and should not be construed as legal advice. Individuals with particular needs on specific issues should retain the services of competent counsel.