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Firearms Industry

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Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group provides innovative legal services to members of the firearms industry. The industry is constantly evolving with new laws, the expansion of e-commerce, the critical need for financing, increasing venture capital investments, and surging potential liability.

Our attorneys have a single focus: providing innovative, practical, business-oriented legal solutions to our clients.  With years of experience working with some of the most well-known companies in the industry, Williams Mullen provides the legal knowledge and experience that help companies advance their business growth.

Our team provides comprehensive legal counsel to ensure that our clients are in compliance with all federal and state firearms laws. We collaborate with our clients to assess their current policies and incorporate enhancements that keep our clients ahead of the regulatory curve.

Whether you are a manufacturer needing help with the industry’s complex laws and regulations; a retailer looking to sell guns online; or a company looking to finance firearms transactions, our team can help.

Federal and State Firearms Regulatory Compliance

  • ATF Compliance and Enforcement.
  • ITAR, Export Control and OFAC Representation.
  • Importing of Firearms and Ammunition.
  • National Firearms Act.
  • Gun Control Act of 1968.
  • State and local compliance and enforcement.

Risk Mitigation, Liability Avoidance, and Defense of Claims

  • In depth advice regarding newly-created liability under state statutes imposing “reasonable controls” standards on industry members.
  • Defense of lawsuit attacking industry members’ alleged negligent marketing practices and issues stemming from intentional misuse of products.
  • Advice on avoidance of supply-chain liability, products liability, and related matters.
  • Defense of products liability actions.

Financing Issues in the Industry

  • Platform development for retail firearms lending and leasing, including offerings of Retail Installment Sales Contracts and consumer leases as alternatives to cash and credit card purchases.
  • Banking regulation and relationship advice in light of restrictions on lending to the industry and “reputational risk”.
  • Relationship management between firearms industry members and lenders, venture capital firms and other sources of debt and equity financing.

Corporate Law and Business Advice

  • Entity formation and corporate governance.
  • Equity and debt financings.
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Firearms and ammunition excise tax "FAET".
  • Income, property, and sales and use tax issues.

Intellectual Property

  • Prosecution of patents for new inventions.
  • Patent, trademark and copyright protection and disputes.
  • Privacy and information security.

E-Commerce and Online Gun Sales

  • E-commerce platform and procedure development for purchasing firearms through online portals.
  • E-commerce compliance advice on safe terms and conditions of sale.
  • Liability analysis for companies of state and local laws and the applicability of specific federal laws that control risk, such as the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act (PLCAA).

Government Investigations and Subpoena Compliance

  • False Claims Act (FCA) litigation defense.
  • Internal Investigations.
  • Subpoena Compliance and Communication with regulators and law enforcement.
  • Federal Acquisition Act and Truthful Cost or Pricing Data Act counseling.

Economic Development and Government Relations

  • Relocations, expansions and incentives.
  • State legislative lobbying.


  • Intersection of employment laws and firearms laws, such as issues regarding responsible persons’ duties.
  • Employment agreements and non-compete / restrictive covenant issues.
  • Employee benefits.
  • Equity and executive compensation.
  • Immigration.


  • Lead contamination and OSHA issues.
  • Sustainability.
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