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  May 26, 2016 Jennifer Morgan Participates on Panel at ABC Town Hall On May 24, I participated as a panelist at an ABC Town Hall organized by Raleigh Works Here and the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA) on May 24th. In addition to myself, speakers on the panel included North Carolina ABC Commission Executive Director Bob Hamilton and General Counsel for LM Restaurants, Chris Moutos.  Lynn Minges, President of the NCRLA, moderated the event.   June 08, 2016 Proposed New North Carolina Law Would Modify Annual Permit Registration Fees for Beer and Wine North Carolina Senate Bill 833 proposes to reduce the annual registration fees paid by persons holding malt beverage, fortified wine, and unfortified wine permits in North Carolina. Currently, these beer and wine permit holders pay an annual registration fee of $400 for each beer or wine permit held.   June 09, 2016 Proposed New North Carolina Law Would Allow Distilleries to Sell Direct to Consumers Outside the State at the Distiller’s Price North Carolina House Bill 169, the Regulatory Reduction Act of 2016, proposes to authorize North Carolina distilleries to “better complete nationally and internationally” by allowing distilleries to sell direct to consumers for delivery outside of North Carolina, subject to the laws of the other states, and for these retail sales, at the distiller’s price, rather than the North Carolina uniform State price. A previous version of the bill included a provision that would have increased the cap on bottle sales at the distillery from one bottle per person per year to one bottle of each product per person per year, but that provision was removed from the current version of the bill on 8 June 2016.   June 08, 2016 New Law Allows North Carolina Wine Shippers To File Excise Tax Reports Annually Rather Than Monthly Wine shippers will now file excise tax reports annually, rather than monthly, under a New North Carolina law that went into effect on 11 May 2016.   July 06, 2016 North Carolina Legislature Adjourns for 2016 with No Major Changes to ABC Laws The North Carolina General Assembly adjourned for 2016 with no major changes to North Carolina’s alcohol laws. North Carolina legislation that allows wine shippers to file excise tax reports on an annual basis, rather than a monthly basis, passed and went into effect in May 2016.   April 06, 2017 North Carolina ABC Omnibus Legislation – House Bill 500 The North Carolina General Assembly is considering a number of alcohol-related bills in the 2017 long session.    April 06, 2017 Economic and Job Growth for NC Distilleries – House Bill 460 / Senate Bill 155 One of the significant alcohol bills being considered by the North Carolina General Assembly during the 2017 legislative session is the Economic and Job Growth for NC Distilleries bill.   April 05, 2017 Other North Carolina Alcohol Bills In addition to the ABC Omnibus Legislation, and the Economic Growth for NC Distilleries / “Brunch Bill,” other alcohol-related bills being considered by the North Carolina General Assembly during the 2017 long session are as follows:   October 10, 2017 North Carolina Passes Senate Bill 155 To Make Various Changes to Alcoholic Beverage Laws The North Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 155, An Act to Make Various Changes to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Laws, during the 2017 legislative session.  Most of the bill’s provisions were effective 30 June 2017.  This bill modernized ABC laws for breweries and distilleries, most notably by (1) increasing the number of bottles distilleries can sell direct from the distillery (2) allowing distilleries to participate in special events, (3) authorizing municipalities to pass ordinances to allow on and off premise alcohol sales to begin at 10:00am on Sundays, and (4) requiring the North Carolina ABC Commission to confirm tax compliance for breweries and distilleries by 1 October each year.  The bill did not include changes to the North Carolina Beer Franchise Law, or a change to the self-distribution cap for breweries, which changes were in an earlier version of the bill.   April 14, 2016 Proposed Change to North Carolina Excise Tax Law for Wine Shippers Wine Shipper permittees may soon be able to file excise tax reports on an annual basis in North Carolina, rather than monthly.