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12.04.2013 Firm News

Williams Mullen Attorneys Named to Virginia Business magazine’s 2013 “Legal Elite”

Williams Mullen is pleased to announce that the following attorneys have been named among the “Legal Elite” for 2013 by Virginia Business magazine. Virginia Business asked lawyers throughout the Commonwealth to nominate attorneys in 15 practice categories.  45 Williams Mullen attorneys in Virginia were selected.

The following Williams Mullen attorneys have been named 2013 "Legal Elite":

  1. Farhad Aghdami, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law
  2. Ralph “Bill” Axselle, Jr., Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative
  3. Brian Ball, Business Law
  4. William Bayliss, Civil Litigation
  5. Wyatt Beazley, IV, Health Law
  6. Greg Bishop, Business Law
  7. Paul Bliley, Jr., Bankruptcy/Creditors' Rights
  8. Gray Broughton, Criminal Law
  9. Turner Broughton, Civil Litigation
  10. Lynn Brugh, IV, Civil Litigation
  11. W. Alexander Burnett, Construction Law
  12. David Burton, Labor/Employment
  13. Adam Casagrande, Young Lawyer (under 40)
  14. Robert Cox, Construction Law
  15. David Dallas, Jr., Business Law
  16. Patrick Devine, Jr., Health Law
  17. William Devine, Civil Litigation
  18. Alyssa Embree, Real Estate/Land Use
  19. Woody Fowler, Jr., Civil Litigation
  20. Jonathan Frank, Real Estate/Land Use
  21. Tom Frantz, Business Law
  22. Conrad Garcia, Taxes/Estates/Trusts/Elder Law
  23. Howard Gordon, Real Estate/Land Use
  24. Patrick Hanes, Intellectual Property
  25. Brooks Hock, Real Estate/ Land Use
  26. Chuck James, Criminal Law
  27. Harold Johnson, Young Lawyer (under 40)
  28. Reginald Jones, Legislative/Regulatory/Administrative
  29. Monroe Kelly, Business Law
  30. Joseph Latchum, Business Law
  31. Lee Lester, Young Lawyer (under 40)
  32. Valerie Wagner Long, Real Estate/Land Use
  33. James Meath, Labor/Employment
  34. John Mercer, Real Estate/Land Use
  35. Craig Mytelka, Intellectual Property
  36. Andy Nea, Jr., Legal Services/Pro Bono
  37. William Poynter, Intellectual Property
  38. Sara Rafal, Labor/Employment
  39. Robert Samuel, Civil Litigation
  40. W. H. "Tracy" Schwarzschild, III, Bankruptcy/Creditors' Rights
  41. Bill Stauffer, Civil Litigation
  42. Stephen Test, Construction
  43. Sandy Tucker, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  44. Charles Wall, Business Law
  45. Laura Windsor, Labor/Employment

More about Virginia Business’s “Legal Elite” rankings can be found here.