05.22.2018 Health Care Team Spotlight: Maggie S. Krantz

Have you noticed that our team seems to be eating a lot more German chocolate lately? Or that you see some emails sent at very early hours?  We have Maggie Krantz to thank for those. Maggie, a long-time member of our Health Care team, has moved to Kaiserslautern, Germany, for a few years thanks to her husband’s career. And thanks to the magic of technology, she continues to be part of our team.

Maggie is a native of Poland who moved to Germany as a child. She married a U.S. serviceman and moved to the United States, earning her JD at the University of Virginia School of Law just a few years after moving here. She practiced health care law with several members of our team before moving back to Germany in 2009. While in Germany, she served as a health care specialist to the U.S. Army Medical Department Activity Bavaria, the largest footprint in the U.S. Army Medical Command, with seven geographically dispersed outpatient clinics and approximately 400 providers and 40,000 beneficiaries. while also working on a contract basis with Jamie Baskerville Martin, Dominic Madigan and Jeremy Ball. The team was thrilled when she moved back to the Richmond area in 2014, and she quickly reintegrated with the group. But in late 2017, Germany beckoned again. 

“There was no question that we wanted Maggie to continue on our team,” said Jamie Baskerville Martin, chair of Williams Mullen’s Health Care practice. “Maggie is an extraordinary lawyer with great experience in Certificate of Public Need (COPN) and both state and federal regulatory matters. Her institutional knowledge of our clients is irreplaceable.” So, with a laptop, some office supplies, and an internet connection, we were in business. Maggie’s new “office” is a charming 200-year-old farmhouse in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and she starts her day right when the night owls here are heading to bed. As always, Maggie can still be reached at (804) 420-6420 or   

“The time difference has worked to our advantage,” said Martin. “We toggle projects back-and-forth all the time, but with Maggie working in Germany, it’s as if we have an overnight law office. It’s great to wake up in the morning and be greeted by work that has magically progressed overnight!”          

“It’s been a wonderful way to balance both family needs and my career,” said Krantz. Martin, a member of Williams Mullen’s Women’s Initiative Steering Committee, agrees. “Too often, the traditional structure of law practice is not compatible with two-career families. Some flexibility can go a long way toward helping us retain, and our clients benefit from, the knowledge of experienced lawyers.”          

And if you show up on a day when Maggie has sent a 20-pound box of German chocolate, Guten Appetit. Per many requests, we are diligently researching the legality of shipping some of Germany’s finest beers here, too.