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06.02.2022 Firm News

Williams Mullen Represents Large Propane and Refined Fuels Distributor in Sale

A large deal team led by Larry Parker represented Quarles Petroleum, Inc. in their sale to Superior Plus Energy Services, Inc. Quarles Petroleum was established in Warrenton, Virginia as The Home Oil Company in 1940 and since then has expanded into new regions across Virginia. The company also went on to establish fueling locations and opened convenience stores. In the past decade, the company has seen further growth spurred by the acquisition of numerous local propane & refined products distribution companies. 

Williams Mullen has been a proud partner of Quarles Petroleum for decades and congratulates Quarles on this transaction. 

Many firm attorneys played key roles in this transaction. They include Trevor Wind, David Allen, Lauren Nowlin, Jessie King, Mary Katherine McGetrick, Lauren Walker, Sean Hutson, Pierce Werner, Speaker Pollard, Ryan Trail, Stefanie Felitto, Hillary MacSwain, Jonathan Bliley, Brydon DeWitt, Anna Derewenda, Sam Lee, Philip Delano, Kevin Bender, Nona Massengill, Cart Reilly, Mona O’Bryant, Amy Pruett, Lauren Pennington, Kyle Wingfield, Lizzie Ritchie, Conrad Garcia, Sarah Tyer and Courtney Riegel. 

For more information on this transaction, click here.