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12.01.2020 Firm News

61 Williams Mullen Attorneys Named to Virginia Business Magazine’s Legal Elite for 2020

Williams Mullen is pleased to announce that 61 attorneys have been named among the state’s “Legal Elite” for 2020 by Virginia Business magazine. Virginia Business annually polls more than 14,000 attorneys and more than 50 law firms in the Commonwealth, asking them to select from their peers the best lawyers in each practice category.

Williams Mullen President and CEO Woody Fowler is one of three Williams Mullen attorneys to have been named to Virginia Business magazine’s “Legal Elite” every year since the list’s inception in 2000. He is joined by William D. Bayliss (Civil Litigation, Richmond) and Thomas R. Frantz (Business Law, Virginia Beach).

In addition, Christine Piersall was selected as a profile subject for the Taxes/Estates/Trusts category. Click below to read her profile.

The following Williams Mullen attorneys in Virginia, sorted by their home office, have been named to the “Legal Elite”:


David L. Dallas, Jr. - Business Law

Valerie Wagner Long - Real Estate/Land Use


George H. Bowles - Civil Litigation

Elizabeth S. Chapman - Young Lawyer

Patrick C. Devine, Jr. - Health Law

Alyssa Carducci Embree - Real Estate/Land Use

Howard E. Gordon - Real Estate/Land Use

Robert E. Korroch - Administrative Government

Scott C. Miller - Civil Litigation

Christine N. Piersall - Taxes/Estates/Trusts


Hadeel Abouhasira - Immigration Law

Farhad Aghdami - Taxes/Estates/Trusts

D. Earl Baggett - Immigration Law

James T. Bailey - Young Lawyer

Jeremy A. Ball - Health Law

William D. Bayliss - Civil Litigation

Wyatt S, Beazley, IV - Health Law

William J. Benos - Immigration Law

Gregory R. Bishop - Business Law

Turner A. Broughton - Civil Litigation

Lynn K. Brugh, IV - Civil Litigation

W. Alexander Burnett - Construction

Janet W. Cho - Intellectual Property/Information Technology

Allison T. Domson - Real Estate/Land Use

Daniel J. Durst - Taxes/Estates/Trusts

Calvin W. “Woody” Fowler, Jr. - Civil Litigation

J. Conrad Garcia - Taxes/Estates/Trusts

Patrick R. Hanes - Intellectual Property/Information Technology

Meredith M. Haynes - Young Lawyer

Sean D. Hicks - Real Estate/Land Use

Charles E. James, Jr. - Criminal Law

Harold E. Johnson - Civil Litigation

David M. Lay - Business Law

Jennifer Ligon - Young Lawyer

T. Preston Lloyd, Jr. - Real Estate/Land Use

Channing J. Martin - Environmental Law

Jamie Baskerville Martin - Health Law

John M. Mercer - Real Estate/Land Use

Jennifer M. McLemore - Bankruptcy Creditors Rights

Michael D. Mueller - Bankruptcy Creditors Rights

Brendan D. O'Toole - Civil Litigation

W. Benjamin Pace - Civil Litigation

Henry R. “Speaker” Pollard, V - Environmental Law

Amanda M. Weaver - Young Lawyer

Liz Williamson - Environmental Law

Laura D. Windsor - Labor and Employment

Kyle H. Wingfield - Taxes/Estates/Trusts

Edward T. White - Intellectual Property/Information Technology


David B. Albo - Administrative Government

Brian Cashmere - Construction

Robert K. Cox - Construction

Arnie Mason - Construction

Virginia Beach

David C. Burton - Labor and Employment

Benjamin C. Crumpler - Business Law

Thomas R. Frantz - Business Law

Meagan J. Kalantar - Young Lawyer

Craig L. Mytelka - Intellectual Property/Information Technology

Grady A. Palmer - Real Estate/Land Use

John M. Paris, Jr. - Business Law

Cartwright R. Reilly - Real Estate/Land Use

Stephen R. Romine - Real Estate/Land Use

More about Virginia Business’ 2020 “Legal Elite” rankings can be found here.